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Finally, we’re wrapping our set of polls asking fans which songs are the band’s most underrated from each album. We’re curious which of No Doubt’s B-sides and/or unreleased track do you feel like should have been given more attention or should have made the respected album. To make this list, these songs must have been officially released and are considered “leftover” tracks that didn’t make the album — meaning tracks like “Sailin’ On” don’t count because it debuted on a compilation before it’s release on the “Spiderwebs” Australian import single. Alternate and live versions of released songs have also been excluded from the poll.

Most of these tracks were released on the band’s rarities and b-sides album Everything In Time in 2003. Older songs like “My Room Is Still Clean” and “You Can’t Teach An Ol’ Dog New Tricks” were released exclusively on vinyl and are typically only found floating around the internet for fans to enjoy.

Most notable tracks: “Beauty Contest”, “Full Circle”, “You’re So Foxy”, “New Friend”

We would love to send a huge THANK YOU to everyone that has participated and commented on these polls! It’s been fun discussing each album and giving fans a good reason to go back and rediscover No Doubt’s catalog and maybe find some new favorite songs. We plan to have an in-depth post in the next week going over the full results with the two top underrated tracks highlighted from each album.

We also encourage fans to vote in the other polls if you haven’t had a chance yet!

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For our next series of polls, we’re curious which song from each of No Doubt’s albums do you find the most underrated. We’re trying to put together a comprehensive list of the band’s best “unheard” and overlooked tracks — and because it sounds like a fun topic to discuss!

We’re not asking fans to necessarily vote for their favorite songs or the “hits”, but which tracks are most overlooked and what they would like to see the band revisit. Some material has yet to be performed at all really (i.e. “Dark Blue”, “World Go ‘Round”, “Waiting Room”, most of Push and Shove) which, in our opinion, deserves a chance to be heard live. But… we are also saying that some of these tracks may not be considered as strong as some either.

We hope to have new polls up every few days in the next couple of weeks for each album. Once all of the votes are tallied, we’ll put together a massive post with the top picks. After submitting your vote, please feel free to leave a comment and let us know why you picked which track — we’re wanting to include comments from our visitors in the results post. If this is successful, we also plan on holding a “tournament” of sorts to find out which the top No Doubt songs of all-time are.

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38 Replies to “Vote: Most Underrated B-Side and/or Unreleased Song”

  1. This one’s tough… I don’t think none of those songs are underrated. I’m gonna vote for EIT, though.

  2. COME ON… every song here is so underrated… I can’t pick one! But my favorite is Cellophane Boy, that song is amazing and it sounds a bit like Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band by The Beatles, that’s a great influence. Plus, It’s catchy and has good lyrics. I love it!! You’re So Foxy is another good one.

  3. I think most of them deserve to have made an album, but I’m going with Panic. It’s my favorite off of EIT and I don’t hear fans mention it much.

  4. It’s between leftovers and cellophane boy for me. Gwens vocals on leftovers are her best in my opinion. Whatever effect they used should have been used on every track! The horn solo on cellophane boy is killer.

  5. I always found the lyrics to full circle to be embarrassingly bad. That song was a low point. I’m surprised they released it. I agree with you ndlover, ysf is nothing special.

  6. Cellophane Boy and Panic are probably my two picks. But I love ALL of these songs– EIT was an amazing set of Bsides.

  7. Finally!!!! Ironically, I’ve been listening to this album all week; LOVE these! New Friend is one of my all time fave ND songs period. It is seriously underrated (like all of these) and I would love to hear it live. It would be so good, if not better, live. I do love left overs and full circle bc I can picture them laughing while writing the lyrics ( which seem like a fun inside joke:) )

  8. This is a tough one to choose. I LOVE all those songs (well, except My Room… and You Can’t Teach..)

  9. You’re so foxy this would be a great song to add to the concert set lists also Heaven and Undercover as well

  10. You’re so foxy! I remember how awesome it sounded live. Could have been a single. It’s sad that gwen doesn’t even remember the song though.

  11. IMO, the most underrated song is

    “You Can’t Teach An Ol’ Dog New Tricks”

    IMO, “everything in time “is an excellent album

  12. I’m a huge fan of the unreleased/ b side stuff! I voted for Big Distraction since it’s such a bombastic, Queen-like song. It’s one of my all time faves. I also adore Under Construction and Leftovers. The only ones on this list that don’t do much for me are MRISC and you’re so foxy.

  13. I agree that YSF is slightly overrated. It’s a good song that shows more of ND’s rock-ish, new wave-ish side, but I totally understand why it didn’t end up on RoS. It doesn’t feel finished to me. I guess “Panic” is very underrated, but then again I also think it’s not really that great. I’m going to vote for “Cellophane Boy” 🙂

  14. Ex-Girfriend totally destroys YSF. I’m glad that was the lead single instead of that track. YSF lyrics are kinda complex to be single material.

  15. This is tough. I voted for Under Construction because it really relates and it’s a fun song. Full Circle and YSF are great songs for being fun, and I also like the vibe and lyrics of cellophane boy. UC is just like a nice combo for both fun and great lyrics. I do think YSF shouldnt be a b-side and think it would have been a better single that exgf (although – i think the psycho remix wouldve done amazing, considering it was the peak of lincoln park, and thats what it sounded like to me…)

    1. The Psycho Ex remix of “Ex-Girlfriend” is so freaking good. It’s just as good as the original in my opinion. 🙂

      1. I love that remix too. I also adore the ones for Bathwater Invincible Overlord Remix and No Doubt – It’s My Life (Jacques Lu Cont’s Thin White Duke Remix)!

  16. ^ Surprised BSO hasn’t posted about it yet. It’s been officially streaming on iTunes radio.

    1. I wasn’t aware that it was streaming on iTunes Radio. I refrain from posting any leaked YouTube links so it will encourage others to purchase the song and support Snoop and Gwen. I’ll have a post up by Tuesday at the latest with a poll on the song.

  17. ^ I understand that. Not my intention to put you down. I thought you knew about the iTunes Radio stream already. Sorry.

  18. Was a tough one between Cellophane Boy and Leftovers but had to go with Cellophane Boy! I also loooove You’re So Foxy but wouldn’t class it as underrated per say

  19. I LOOOOVE the snoop song! Did anyone else here Gwen say “n*gga”??? So bold! I hope no back lash!

  20. Hearing a clearer version, some things are sung so fast its hard to make out, but ya it didn’t seem like our Gwen, I was a lil shocked, my bad!

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