Vote: “Looking Hot” Album Version vs. Live

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We all know that No Doubt has been killing it with their live version of their new single “Looking Hot” on television and some fans are, how can we say it, obsessed. It’s obvious that No Doubt seems to be amping up the guitars and are taking a more raw approach to the album’s arguably most danceable track. On BSO even, KROQ radio personality and DJ Ted Stryker commented saying that he would play “Looking Hot” non-stop if it had a little more rock-edge the live version seems to have. We also know of alternative stations that have been contacted about the same issue and they are all agree. We all know that “Looking Hot” has huge radio potential (and needs to be on there NOW!) but it brings up the question… would it hurt for the band to remix or record a more “harder” version of the song to appeal to alternative radio? Personally, I think it would be amazing! The energy the band brings to the song live takes it to a different level and would be commercially on-par with something released off of Tragic Kingdom.

Don’t get us wrong, the album version is phenomenal and one of the best tracks on Push and Shove, but from comments, emails and suggestions online from fans all around the world, it definitely wouldn’t hurt to get the idea out there!

Vote in our poll and leave your comments below! We will try to forward this onto the band and/or Interscope if we get good feedback.

ALBUM VERSION (Slowed down a little from YouTube)


(Download this version courtesy of David K.)

22 Replies to “Vote: “Looking Hot” Album Version vs. Live”

  1. I know I’ve been kicking the hornets nest around here a lot lately, but I think a lot of the tracks on the album would benefit from a more rock-edge.

  2. I always thought that Looking Hot was the most “rockish” from the whole album. The live version is more “rockish” and the guitar has more volume, don’t get me wrong I like how No Doubt is experimenting with pop music but I miss the more rock ska music like from the 90s, so yeah I would like a little remixing, plus undone, and easy should be playing on alternative stations, sparkle should be played on a ska station if their is one.

  3. I prefer the album version over the live version. I feel as if Gwen does not have enough time to take a breath when they are performing it live which truly makes a HUGE difference. This applies to the majority of the album. Return of Saturn is a great album in terms of vocal arrangement because there are those gaps of just instruments flowing thru your ears and gives Gwen an opportunity to relax until she hits us with a beautiful note.

  4. I agree with Austin! This song DEFINITELY is full of rock sounds, especially Tom’s guitar riffs, they’re NUTS! It sounds like (good, not crappy, haha) 80s rock bands! Just cuz it’s super fast paced doesn’t make it “dance”, I don’t hear dance at all, and no one’s watched all 3 live performances of ‘Hot’ more than me and I don’t notice a ton of difference in the overall sound or vibe of the track. Hmmmm…… I remember, and can understand why, when KROQ world premiered ‘Hey Baby’, and they played it 6 times back-to-back and then I never heard it on KROQ again. That made sense- ‘Hey Baby’ is definitely club/dancy, and Interscope sent them ‘Don’t Let Me Down’ in its place. I don’t see why KROQ has any issue with ‘Hot’. Weird to me. CAN’T WAIT FOR THIS FREAKIN’ VIDEO!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. I like both versions, since the album version is one of the harder songs to begin with on the album I could go either way. However any song past track 4 needs more rock it was a very soft album in general and could be mixed a bit harder. Honestly it was pretty light for them I think as far as the rock elements.

  6. You like totally forgot the acoustic version… They’re all the the same yet magnificent! There’s no need to compare. Only enjoy!

  7. I think it’s funny that Tom said that they did the rock thing and that they are trying new sounds, but the rock sound is something that sounds really good for them! It sounds natural and matches their stage energy. I feel like Stent’s production on the record played it safe; I think No Doubt are at their best when they don’t play it safe. Hearing this live makes me think that a lot of the other songs on Push and Shove will rock out on stage.

  8. Without a doubt the live version. If you look at all the previous posts regarding the single, many people say they didn’t even like the song until they heard it live. On record, it sounds flat. In fact, when I found it was the second single, I was peeved. When I heard it live, though, I fell in love with it. I mean, it sounds like a career classic — an an them, like Spider Webs…Tragic Kingdom level good. I honestly think if the guys went in the studio and just played it live, have someone do a quick mix, and put the original vocal on top, it would have so much more hit potential. Hearing it live made the album version grow on me, but it doesn’t have nearly the same impact, so I just play the live performances instead. The pounding drums on the chorus, the organ synth, and Tony’s much more prominent bass pack so much punch — I was instantly gratified.

    I also want to note that I’m not one of those fans that just likes Tragic Kingdom. I love all of their albums. I love it when they do pop music just as much as ska music or dancehall or new-wave, etc. I just think the the mixing on the single/album as it stands pales in comparison. Sure, some songs just sound better live (some No Doubt ones), but the difference between this on the album and this live is so great that I honestly think it justifies a studio incarnation.

  9. ^What Pat said. The live version is epic. I think ALL radio formats would be more inclined to play it, even pop. I didn’t like the song or see the single appeal originally, either. I thought it was weird how Adrian’s drums kept faiding in and out, and how compressed they sounded. I also didn’t notice how amazing Tony’s bass was until I heard it live, so now when I hear the album version I wonder why it’s all mudied and low. Now that it’s a single, I hope it does well, but I think it would do a million times better if they captured that live epicness in the studio.

  10. I would be so excited if they got to put it out as they intended…or at least how it should have been put out. I too did not like the album version, but the live version is one of my favorite No Doubt singles ever. A legitimate mix like this would resonate with old fans and new fans alike. This sounds like the No Doubt I fell in love with, but it doesn’t sound dated. They should let the world know that they still have that flame and go forward with this fabulous idea.

  11. I love both versions, but I agree that Tom’s part is more noticeable live. I think Adrian is the star on this track! Love him!

    I don’t think Spike Stent did a very good job producing. I think he should have pushed Gwen more vocally and he should not have given the album that “overproduced” sound.

  12. Well, we can have both. I’m glad the album version is the way it is. I’m sure there will be plenty of live versions to listen to in the near future. Don’t get me wrong, but personally I think this whole thing is a bit pointless.

  13. NDLover, you’d be surprised, several fans asked me to put up this poll. I think it’s for great conversation and pretty interesting how hearing something live can change ones’s mind almost 100% on something. I personally adore both versions but it makes me feel better knowing the live version is getting a lot of buzz in radio and online for being killer.

  14. No Doubt needs to realize people expect that perfect balance between rough rock and pop music from them, that’s what made them an iconic band. That’s their signature. Even now, producing pop music they’re always on alternative radios funny huh? People is not expecting ska-punk or another rock album, we just miss that alternative touch! Even rock steady had it and it was ahead to its time. But Push and Shove is 100% 2012-pop music – I blame the production on this album, all the live versions sounded more natural and real ND. They need to stop writing “hits” and go back to the real music. Be more confident on themselves and work with producers that make them all shine, not hiding half the band with production, effects and auto-tune. 🙂

  15. Jenny, I know what you mean and it would be great if they released an alternate version of this song, but I can’t really see this happening. Either way I’m sure the public in general will receive this song well.

  16. The new no doubt songs that should be played on alternative radio sations are:
    Looking Hot with amped up guitars
    MAYBE heaven and easy
    and all the acoustic versions.

  17. I totally disagree about Push and Shove being 100 percent 2012 pop. This is not a Ke$ha or Katy Perry album. All of the old rock fans naturally assume anything with some extra synth is like 2012 pop. The album is SO influenced by the ’80s, and I think for the most part sounds more like No Doubt than Rock Steady (minus a few). What about “Making Out”? That was 1000 percent pure pop. William Orbit, Madonna’s frequent producer, produced it!

    I think everyone is way too hard on this album.

  18. And I don’t mean old rock fans as any type of insult! I’ve loved No Doubt since I was a really little kid and my favorite album by them is easily Return of Saturn. I didn’t mean any insult to anybody, I just meant I think it’s unfair this album is compared to things like Katy Perry.

  19. undercover and gravity are very pop radio freindly songs though you cannot deny that but there ARE some good kinda rock songs on the album, and yes its not 100 percent pop

  20. I think the band would sound much, much better if someone would throw away all of the band’s sequencers, effects boxes, and computers. Just my opinion, mind you.

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