Vote: “Excuse Me Mr.” Acoustic Original or New Version?

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To keep it fun around here, we’re curious which acoustic take of “Excuse Me Mr.” from that band do you prefer?

No Doubt have been performing their classic track from Tragic Kingdom acoustically since 1994 and recently debuted a reworked version of the song on tour. In 2009, the band treated fans to a more a less-raw take on the song including background Police-esque vocals from Steve and Gabe (“eee-ay-oh”). “Excuse Me Mr.” still retains its melodic character but comes across as a different song in some parts. It’s pretty freaking awesome. We’re curious which version do you prefer? Nothing can top the band’s classics but we truly love and appreciate what No Doubt has done with “Excuse Me Mr.” over the years.

We’ll be presenting more and more Tragic Kingdom related content as we countdown to the album’s 20th anniversary this October. Thanks for voting!

“Excuse Me Mr.” Live on Modern Rock Live (1996)

“Excuse Me Mr.” Live in Las Vegas (5/8/2015)

22 Replies to “Vote: “Excuse Me Mr.” Acoustic Original or New Version?”

  1. Hard to choose because it’s my favorite song from TK. But it’s a really great reworked version! Wish they’d play around with some other older songs to make them new and different. 🙂

  2. The 2015 version. They just breathed new life into it especially at ” what should I do ? I’m about to crack ” and added that reggae flavour that I love so much.

    Listening to these two versions back to back its amazing to be a be able to say the quality and sound of Gwen’s voice is almost identical.


  3. Even though I like that Police-esque version. I’m afraid some folks may see it as a rip-off, especially if they’re not aware their intentions.

  4. I don’t dislike EMM, but it’s never been a favorite of mine. I really love the revamped version though and I wouldn’t mind if they breathed new life into some other older songs. Just for a change.

  5. Classic version is 1000 times better, the alternate versión is kinda cool but a little bit boring imo.

  6. Okay so to be completely honest…I hate it when they do this song acoustically. I love the original so much…it’s such a passionate, high energy song and it’s always been one of my favorites to listen too. That being said I will admit to loving the acoustic version that Gwen & Tom did on the home video part of the Live from the Tragic Kingdom DVD…so beautiful!

  7. classic version of course!
    ND doesn’t need more slow songs, I know they don’t have the same energy from the 90s but we don’t need more slow acoustic versions of kickass songs.

  8. I’d actually love if they did a stripped down acoustic show. A bit like the unplugged version.

  9. I agree with Maria, the album version is one of NDs most high energy-punk sounding songs, I don’t care for any acoustic version of this song, seeing ND live the less slow songs the better. MITM is also another I’ve never cared for…maybe if I was a girl I could relate to the whole make up aspect of the song?? Idk lol

  10. I’m a man and MITM is a wonderful song from ND the lyrics are amazingly personal I can appreciate any song that’s wrote like that was Gwen’s strength…

  11. It’s not just about makeup, it’s deeper than that. I think it’s one of the best songs they wrote and Gwen sings it beautifully.

    They should have put out an acoustic album with EIT. Is Unplugged still around?

    1. They did an Unplugged with Florence + The Machine recently…
      Anyway I feel like that should have happened in the 90s/early 00s. But would be nice to have just a live acoustic album. I still listen to The Bridge School Concert a lot. You can buy both Spiderwebs and MITM on iTunes. <3

  12. I love both versions but I did always love how this was one of their punk sounding songs…

    Also I love the lyrics of MITM…
    It’s definitely far deeper than just being about makeup..

  13. Hey No Doubters, no one picked up on my jokingly sarcasm. If it was about me not relating because gwens a woman half of ND/gwens songs wouldn’t exist to me lol. I just don’t care for MITM acoustic.. The album version (along with the rest of ROS) is beautifully crafted and an A+

  14. I’m not a big fan of MITM either, though I do like to sing it while taking off my makeup at night 🙂 it pops up in my head all the time.
    I like the slowed down version of Excuse me Mr because I know it’s hard for Gwen to keep up with the high tempo and frankly it doesn’t sound as good as the cd (because she gets out of breath). I also wish ND did more alternative versions and I can imagine it should be fun for them to play around with the arrangement. Gwen wouldn’t even need to learn new lyrics lol ;). They could do the original slow Ex-Girlfriend in concerts or even better, instead of In My Head they could do New Friend ! Or segue into it from In My Head, mash it up differently.

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