Videos: Past Super Bowl Performances

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Happy Super Bowl XLVII Sunday everyone! Even if you’re not a fan of football or the big game, we can all remember No Doubt’s memorable performance during the XXXVII half time show where they blew audiences away with “Just a Girl” and a once-in-a-lifetime duet with Sting covering The Police’s “Message in a Bottle”. Though No Doubt shared the stage that night with country superstar Shania Twain, No Doubt stole the show. Their performance is still one of the band’s top highlights of their career where they performed live on television during the most watched broadcast of the year for over 88 million viewers worldwide!


And not only that, No Doubt also performed at both Friday Night Super Bowl Bash and FOX’s Super Bowl Tailgate Party the year prior.

4 Replies to “Videos: Past Super Bowl Performances”

  1. God. The rush of running out in that field…waiting for Shania to say those few words….Lets Go Girls. haha

  2. Jenny – Yes! It was better than any drug. Rehearsals were the worst because I lived in LA and they were in San Diego. + I didnt know how to drive. Womp Womp.

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