Videos: Stream Capture of KROQ’s Almost Acoustic Christmas Performance

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Thank you to YouTube user hypart for sharing No Doubt’s full surprise performance from KROQ’s Almost Acoustic Christmas that was streamed this afternoon on the radio station’s website. Videos are put in setlist order. Click here to check out more fan videos from the performance.

Push and Shove

Sunday Morning

Hella Good

Underneath It All


It’s My Life

Don’t Speak

Just a Girl


Click here to download our HQ audio from the entire broadcast.

8 Replies to “Videos: Stream Capture of KROQ’s Almost Acoustic Christmas Performance”

  1. Gwen… I love you girl, but you need to get it together. That breath control needs A LOT of work. Huffing and puffing throughout these performances. Flat quite often. Behind the beat on Push & Shove (you can hear the vocal back track being alternately ahead of or behind her live vocals throughout, the first verse is especially bad). And that slurred intro to Sunday Morning and the poor enunciation on Don’t Speak… SMH. I watched each of these hoping it was just the first few songs and she settled into a groove. Nope. Each one was chock full of bum notes and her sounded like she ran three miles right before taking the stage. What is going on lately? Forgetting the words to every song, consistently being flat or just off key. If it’s too hard to jump around like crazy and hit the notes, then just stop jumping around like crazy…

    Only Just a Girl and Spiderwebs sounded good, from her end that is. Although there were a few moments where her enunciation get a little wobbly.

    On the plus side, the boys sounded fantastic. Love the energy. The visual presentation was nice. Loved everyone’s outfit. Love that hair on Gwen, she should rock that look more often. It’s a mixed bag in the end for me. But I’m sure I’ll be in the minority on this. It is nice to see these though.

    1. It just sounded like they didnt have the background sound configured right, but they are constantly changing the settings with each act so that is understandable. I thought No Doubt sounded awesome! Gwens vocals were on point. She isn’t a spring chicken anymore but she does give an amazing energetic performance each time. So yeah so what if she gets out of breath. I’d like to see someone her age get up there for an entire show and do it better. Ain’t gonna happen. JXSXPX damn you need some respect and “home training” beat into you. My birthday is tomorrow and there is nothng I’d like more. Keep your negative nancy BS to yourself. You are nothing but a punk. I hope I see you at one of the shows one day.

  2. JXSXPX, Just a suggestion: maybe if you started enjoying the music for what it is and stopped overanalyzing every second of it you’d appreciate it a lot more. That’s the magic of being LIVE.
    And I can’t stand those fans that totally blame everything on Gwen and thing the guys are like geniuses. Give me a break. Everyone has they bad and good moments.
    On a happier note, I’m truly proud of my favourite band. They know how to put a show. They never disappoint. Even when Gwen runs out of breath or Tom misses a note or even Adrian gets injections for being sick, they truly give their best.

  3. I’ve been “enjoying the music” since I was 8. I was at the Live in the Tragic Kingdom show when I was 10. I’ve seen them in concert way more times than I can remember off the top of my head. I KNOW they can do better than this. Especially Gwen.

    I’ve seen them perform way better than they have been doing during this era. I’m sorry I can’t mindlessly sit there and not notice the flaws in the performances. Because they’re there. Considering how high quality the live performances started off at during this era (need I post those acoustic performances again? Or, with the exception of the poorly mixed audio of the Teen Choice Awards which wasn’t there fault, any of the Settle Down performances?), it’s disappointing it’s turned into so many consistently mediocre or adequate performances.

    I never said the boys were geniuses. But they’re not the ones slurring the words and forgetting the lyrics consistently during this era. She’s the front of the band though, so the success or failure is placed upon her shoulders. Is it fair? No, but that’s just the way it is for any/every band. I also said some positive things about this set – love their outfits, everyone’s giving a nice energy level, the visual presentation of the songs was well done. But it’s far from perfect. It’s more adequate. I know I’m not the only one who sees it. Go the forum. I’m nothing in comparison.

  4. I didn’t hear anything wrong in any of these songs. This was a perfect, high energy ND live set and I loved every second of it. I rather have Gwen jumping around and maybe missing some notes than not moving at all and sounding like she does on the studio versions.

  5. Gwen forgetting lyrics has been bothering me for awhile. It seems to happen the most on It’s My Life. I think Gwen needs to log in some serious practice time with the guys. She’s mentioned in the past that the guys do most of the rehearsal without her. I’m sure they will step it up for the tour next year though.

    I’m disappointed with P&S. The backing track was way off and quite distracting and unnecessary. I’m just bummed that we finally have a quality live version of it and it’s not very good :\

    Anyway, besides that, it was a good show. I wish they had done one more song from P&S though. I don’t want them to forget it ever existed LOL

    And CEECEE…seriously with the threats??? Come on now. I’m so tired of fans acting like everything has to be rainbows and sunshine around here. We are all fans, constructive criticism is ok.

  6. Gwen is older — she doesn’t look it, but artists voices change around 40 — it’s hormones. Her voice is a lot lower, and she just hasn’t gotten used to it yet. Her vocal improved with every Gibson show. Give her a break.

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