Videos: No Doubt Teased Audience With "Let's Get Back" In Camden

Woah! It’s about time! No Doubt teased the audience with about a minute and a half of old school favorite “Let’s Get Back” last night in Camden, New Jersey! Apparently Gwen had a hard time with the words, and was played by request for a fan’s birthday. I don’t think that was the only case though, since the band has been heard playing the song in soundcheck recently. Eeek!

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  1. I think she did pretty good since she hasn’t sang that song for a long time live… GO GWEN! But I do wish they would sing more old school songs though.. Such as Open The Gate and Snakes..

  2. That was sooo awesome when they performed that. I wish she would’ve come down in the pit though… so many people around me, including myself, certainly could have helped her with the words

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