Videos: No Doubt On Valentines Day

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Happy Valentines Day to the band and everyone!

We wanted to look back on a neat interview with the band back on this day in 2000. No Doubt stopped by the MuchMusic studios in Canada to promote Return of Saturn. We are still obsessed with Gwen’s super cute “I love you” sweater that she wore!

One Reply to “Videos: No Doubt On Valentines Day”

  1. not gonna lie, im a huge no doubt/gwen fan like no other- but this interview sucks! ive never seen gwen say something i didnt absolutely love but to see her discourage aspiring artists and if all fails then just ‘ grow up ‘ is kind of upsetting to here from someone who is such an inspiration. obv this is 10 years old and people change, but to blatantly tell the people who aspire to be her not to pursue music kinda pissed me off and made her kinda look like a bitch! i love gwen but hopefully shes changed her mindset. not cool g

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