Videos: No Doubt Live in Paris (Full Show)

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The videos are in the set list order that they were performed in. Enjoy!

Compilation featuring: Sunday Morning, Looking Hot, It’s My Life, Don’t Speak

Sunday Morning

Hella Good

Looking Hot

Underneath It All

It’s My LIfe

Hey Baby

Settle Down

Don’t Speak

Just a Girl

Push and Shove (Click here for more!)


Gwen bringing a fan onstage

No Doubt exiting the theater after concert

No Doubt just wrapped up their exclusive showcase in Paris for HP and they are getting rave reviews. No Doubt also called this show the first of the new era!

35 Replies to “Videos: No Doubt Live in Paris (Full Show)”

    1. It’s not that bad, it sounds a bit like the studio version, though I agree she should push herself a little but its not that bad

    2. I think it’s really stupid of you to say that Gwen sounded bad during that concert or at all. She sounded like she always sounds when they perform live. Which is FANTASTIC! Looking Hot even sounded great and Settle Down. The only thing that was wrong with these videos is the audio. There was alot of noise and shit, but I guess that’s what happendes when you recored on something crappy..

      No Doubt did an amazing job during that show and they will do even more amazing when they do more shows. 🙂

  1. Congratulations Obama! Totally not the right place to post this but I’m so happy! I’m sure No Doubt is too! Now bring on Push and Shove live and it’ll be a perfect day

  2. AGGGHH! The show was amazing but I’m really looking forward for Push and Shove live!!!! Maybe there was a last minute cut from the setlist and song wasn’t performed yet… 🙁

    Cynthia you’re so harsh LOL that makes you look wack, Gwen sounded great!

  3. Jesus, Cynthia that’s lame. I was there in person and she sounded PERFECT. It was a mind-blowing performance. Don’t rely on every video you watch online because sometimes it’s the bad sound quality or it simply translates bad into video. She didn’t even run out of breath. The band put on a kickass show. I went for a treat. Couldn’t haven’t asked for a better 1st show after being a fan for 15 years.

    1. Quote everything NDLOVER said!

      @VANESSA I’m the girl who went on stage: I did it because I love NO DOUBT not just Gwen!! Adrian is one of the best drummer ever, I run immediately to him, I wanted to do this since I was 13 years old!
      ME HAPPY!

  4. Wow…just wow!!! Push and Shove will definitely be a crowd favorite. So much energy! So much better live! One small complaint, I don’t think Gabe and Stephen should sing the backup vocals without Gwen like they did at the 2 minute mark. They don’t have great voices and it kind of killed the momentum…

  5. Wow, I don’t like watching live concert videos, but had to check out Sunday Morning to hear her voice, and it sounds great! She sounds like she had for most of her adult life, its just the recording that sounds bad. I would be amazed if NO DOUBT stepped on stage with her sounding bad, I’ve never heard that. This is not a band that takes short cuts and relies on technology for good shows. Hopefully they tour the U.S. before the 11 year deadline hits again….. ;p

  6. If you missed or want the ‘Looking Hot’ video I have it downloaded- I was able to catch one of the last links before it got pulled. I’ve burned a few copies for some No Doubters already. I’m more than happy to do it. Email me: Because some more people have asked I just ask that the cost of the shipping and the DVD be covered? About $6.69 has been the average cost to those I’ve already sent it to, and to make it more “worth it” I’m also including the ‘Settle Down’ and “Push and Shove’ videos as well, so all 3 ‘P&S’ era vids so far on one DVD. I’m not trying to cash in, I’m simply trying to allow true fans the opportunity to see this video, as I think the whole “scandal” is completely ridiculous. I am in NO way trying to go against the band or ANYTHING like that- the video has been pulled off the world wide web and it cannot be seen by those who (stupidly, in my opinion) might take “offense”. This is strictly for hard core lovers of the band, the true fans, who believe this was a bad move for promoting this record and want to continue to show their full support to the band as much as possible like I always have, do, and always will. So go ahead and email me if you’re interested. Like I said, several fans from the sites have already gotten theirs and emailed me and loved it. I’m not shady, I’m a life-long No Doubter, and I’m here for my fellow No Doubters in this time of need! 😉

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