Videos: No Doubt Live at Gibson Night #7

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Check out videos from No Doubt’s seventh and final show (December 6) at Gibson Amphitheater last night in Los Angeles. Videos are put in setlist order.

Push and Shove

It’s My Life

Hella Good

Underneath It All


Hey Baby


Hey You (Acoustic)

Sparkle (Acoustic)

Simple Kind of Life (Acoustic)

One More Summer (Acoustic)

Sunday Morning


Settle Down

Don’t Speak

Just a Girl

Guns of Navarone

Looking Hot

Excuse Me Mr. / Total Hate


4 Replies to “Videos: No Doubt Live at Gibson Night #7”

    1. It’s not JUST Gwen that needs to practice it…

      I was totally shocked (and a little appalled) when they did that half-assed version of Magic’s in the Makeup that no one in the band could remember how it went (except for Adrian), that Gwen literally was bent over reading the lyrics off the ground, and that it was so quickly aborted with a “Oh, gee, maybe we should rehearse more of our older stuff, huh?” They need to rotate more songs during their shows to keep it fresh and not be so afraid to go back to the really old school stuff for the hardcore fans.

      At this point, that’s pretty much who they’re playing for. It’s not a “general concert” audience – they’ve already done that with Rock Steady’s arena tour, the singles tour AND the 2009 tour. Given the poor sales of the album, they need to bring back more fan-favorites in their live sets because that’s who is mostly going to be at the shows.

      I don’t know what it is about the old/pre-TK stuff that freaks them out to perform live, but, much like Madonna, they need to get over it and embrace some of those songs.

  1. I was also disappointed that she wasn’t able to do Magic’s In The Makeup. Didn’t she say that was the best song she ever wrote? Gwen mentioned that the band practices a lot without her. I think she could step up her game a bit and join them. This era is just so half-assed! I agree that I’d love to hear songs other than their hits. There’s so much good stuff to chose from!

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