Videos: More from Jimmy Kimmel Performance

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Check out a few more videos from the band’s mini-concert performance for Jimmy Kimmel last night in Hollywood. The videos are put in setlist order, enjoy!

Click here for high quality televised videos of “Push and Shove” and “Hella Good”.

Hella Good (Soundcheck)

Push and Shove

Hella Good


Underneath It All



It’s My LIfe

Sunday Morning

Fan interviews

7 Replies to “Videos: More from Jimmy Kimmel Performance”

  1. Sparkle was amazing live. It sounded so much better than the acoustic version and Gabe’s solo gave me chills. I hope ND performs other songs on this upcoming tour. I can’t deal with another “singles” tour.

  2. They sound really good. I wanna hear fast Sparkle!!!

    How come Sunday Morning never gets old? Such a great song… How lucky is that fan who gets to hold her hand when she goes in the audience 😉

  3. because sunday morning is pure no doubt. the energy of that song is their signature. exhilarating. youthful. sad yet joyful.

  4. Great performance, Gwen is amazing!! More new songs like ”Sparkle”.. But I missed ”One More Summer”, this song needs one thing = great video!!

  5. Nice questions by jinkies jack too on the last video btw haha
    I liked him acting all oldschool while he’s 18 years old, that’s pretty funny!!

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