Videos: Clips From Private Performance In LA

Thank you to Nikkie for uploading a couple of video clips from last night’s acoustic private performance in Los Angeles! It’s also really cool to see that Gabe was there last night with the band!

We know so far that six songs were performed including “Don’t Speak”, “Just A Girl” and “It’s My Life”. Hopefully more clips show up soon!

7 Replies to “Videos: Clips From Private Performance In LA”

  1. gwen starts to look too old for singing just a girl. a typical prototype with 2 babies, 1 dreamy husband, 1 house in california and the other in london? really? how typical of you!

  2. Who cares dude she still has that amazing voice and only she can pull that song off.I just hope when they go on tour, she still has that amazing energy of hers that I love

  3. That’s my favorite ND song, so I hope she doesn’t listen to you! She has a very youthful face and is young at heart. She can sing it until she’s 90 as far as I’m concerned 🙂

  4. LOL! “JAG” is a staple and they will always play it. The lyrics were a moment in time for her, like many, but I’m sure she gets a kick out of singing it.

  5. lol while we’re at it, let’s cut Spiderwebs because that guy hasn’t called her in over a decade, Don’t Speak since she’s obviously way over Tony, Simple Kind of Life since she is married and has kids, New since Gavin clearly isn’t new to her anymore… I could go on forever. Literally every band or singer that has been around for more than a few years performs songs that probably aren’t all relevant to them anymore.

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