Video: Early 90s Uncirculated Live Set

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YouTube’s bAbeFroman has uploaded another rare gem for all of us to enjoy. Though the video is tough to watch, this small set from an unknown show (possibly in 1991 or earlier) included “Bouncin’ Shoes”, “Up Yours”, “Get a Life (You Owe Me)”, “Big City Train” and “Total Hate”. The volume is pretty low, but it’s a nice treat to listen to in your headphones.

If you know anything about this show, let us know so we could pass it on. Thanks!

5 Replies to “Video: Early 90s Uncirculated Live Set”

  1. WOW! I had this on a bootleg video I bought back in like 96-97…… I use to hunt for live ND bootlegs back in the day. I’m not too sure if I still have this or not, wonder if I have other rare stuff….

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