Video: Tom, Tony and Adrian with No Duh

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A few years ago, much-loved No Doubt cover band No Duh played a local show in Hermosa Beach, California back on February 16, 2005. To their surprise, Tom, Tony and Adrian were in the audience and was asked to join the band onstage for a song. With lead singer Spen Gjormoni, the band performed “Spiderwebs” together. Could you imagine? Spen did an incredible job with the boys and we’re sure it was a dream come true!

Click here to see photos from the performance. I was also able to check out No Duh when they came to the Seattle area back in 2009 which you can see my videos here.

3 Replies to “Video: Tom, Tony and Adrian with No Duh”

  1. This is so Great I’m sure Spen was freaking out!! No duh is so great 🙂 I’ve seen them about 10 times now and they always come out after the shows and talk to everyone. They are really fun!!!

  2. Honestly if I was Tony Tom or Adrian I would find the whole thing a little creeapy but that’s just me.

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