Video: The X Factor’s James Arthur Covers “Don’t Speak”

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Check out a video of The X Factor’s James Arthur’s cover of “Don’t Speak” that he performed on tonight’s show. He chose to rap part of the song even after Gwen advised him not to in their mentoring session…

We will try to have more videos from tonight’s show which Gwen and Tony appeared from a mentoring session last Thursday.

No Doubt performs “Looking Hot” live on The X Factor tomorrow.

4 Replies to “Video: The X Factor’s James Arthur Covers “Don’t Speak””

  1. Setiously??? You really can’t see thus guys talent? This is exactly where people are going wrong! I watch x factor each week and the last few weeks there have been a number of acts where the singer has focused so much on their pronunciation and hitting the notes right (Kye’s version of Let Me Enterain You was a prime example) that they don’t actually give any real emotion. If they were to watch a group like Kings Of Leon or even The Foo Fughters they’d see that giving a great performance isn’t just about hitting the right notes. This is sadly where these shows ruin really great acts, Matt Cardle probably being the most memorable for me. Anyway, keep it up James and don’t let them turn you into someone you’re not.

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