Video: Stage Diver Pisses Gwen Off In Chula Vista

Thanks to kobefan131 for uploading and sharing, apparently a stage diver got on stage last night in Chula Vista, and Gwen was not very happy, and ruined “Sunday Morning.” The stage diver busted up some guy’s face by jumping on him and his girlfriend. You can tell how Gwen’s mood just drops after the incident — that sucks! She ended up getting the stage diver kicked out and also got the fan’s out that were hurt. Sucky! We hope everyone is okay — how did he get up there?

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  1. HAHA We were there for this. Yeah it sucks that people got hurt and that it ruined the song. But it waass interesting to watch. It was like that stage driver scared the shit outta Gwen. When she yelled ‘OH SHHITT!’ LMAO

  2. Yeah that was some bullshit. I was pissed because Sunday Morning is such a good song live and I was so excited then everyones mood was down…that was so scary and wierd at first I thought it was a special guest but then gwen was pissed and i was like what the hell just happened..thanks for the video it seemed unreal.

  3. I was there too!! That was pretty crazy and a little rad….but sad because a couple people got hurt, it was very unexpected. If it were about 15 years ago that would have been normal. In the old school days there were always stage divers at an ND show. But anyways, it was still a pretty awesome show!!! I love ND!!

  4. kinda sucks because people got hurt and the band was like wtf now theres a video of it and im sure he enjoys that. what a prick.

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