Video: “Snakes” Live from Cal Poly Pomona

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Wow! No Doubt and Eric Keyes have shared a super special video of “Snakes” live in honor of The Beacon Street Collection‘s anniversary. The show took place on this day back in 1993 at Cal Poly Pomona in Pomona, California. We’re so thankful for footage like this and encourage the band to release more (especially “Include Me”!)

Tom will always be our guitar hero — he’s phenomenal! It’s so great to hear a clear version of this early take on “Snakes”, too.

No Doubt — To celebrate the 20th anniversary of The Beacon Street Collection, No Doubt’s good friend Eric Keyes has put together a live video of “Snakes” from the band’s concert at Cal Poly Pomona on April 17, 1993. No Doubt performed two shows on that date, the first being at USC’s Annual “Spring Fest” and a second concert in the evening at Cal Poly Pomona.

The setlist from the band’s 2nd show on this date 20 years ago was:

1.) BND 2.) Let’s Get Back 3.) Get on the Ball 4.) Different People 5.) Sinking 6.) That’s Just Me 7.) Ache 8.) Tragic Kingdom 9.) Sometimes 10.) Include Me 11.) Snakes 12.) Excuse Me Mr. 13.) Squeal 14.) Move On 15.) Doormat 16.) Trapped in a Box 17.) Sad For Me

Check out another video from No Doubt’s concert at Cal Poly Pomona in 1993. Watch “Get On the Ball” live right here.

12 Replies to “Video: “Snakes” Live from Cal Poly Pomona”

  1. “Include Me” was the first song Gwen ever wrote by herself. I can totally remember the tune, it was catchy, the verse ended with the lyrics “well you know you gotta include me.” There was a “oooh ooooh oooh” call and response part for the chorus. They only performed it a few times, right around then. In August, there was a surprise birthday party for Tony and there was an impromptu living room jam session with No Doubt and Sublime. At that party, I distinctly remember Cindy (Eric K’s gf at the time) requesting “Include Me” and Gwen said “nah, that song sucks!” and it was never heard again.

    1. So cool! You’ve sparked my curiosity even more! What a bummer that we’ll probably never hear it. I’m sure there are plenty of songs like that. 🙁

  2. One of my favorite songs from BSC! I second that ND should release an album of demos/unreleased songs, even if they just released it on their website, but they probably won’t.

  3. I realized I was at this show and just checked my giant list of ND shows to confirm. They did two shows that day. The first was at USC, for an event with a bunch of bands called “Springfest”. It was an outside stage and it was late afternoon with the sky darkening. (I have pics but buried and need to scan them!) I remember really loving that show. Then as soon as it was done, we all trucked on over to Pomona for this show. My notes that I have about it are really sparse, and don’t list the exact venue, other than I remember it was outdoors at Cal Poly. But my notes do have the “Include Me” story that I mentioned above! I feel like I heard that song at shows twice that spring. Maybe three times but definitely not more. And then never again. It was indeed kinda hokey. But notable because, like I said, it was the first one she’d ever written by herself.

  4. wow, they were actually a band back then. she rocks.
    the beginning of excuse me mr. is such a tease!!! give us the whole show!!!!

    how can we get them to give us more? lets all get together…..


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