Video: “Settle Down” Behind The Scenes

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Click here to see screen captures!

No Doubt shared an exclusive first look at the “Settle Down” music video! They express that we can’t hear any of the song yet though. It looks so stellar! We see each of the band members driving solo in their semi-trucks behind colorful and wild screens (with what looks like fluorescent Japanese lettering flickering).

The band promises to share more clips next week with us!

No Doubt — Here’s a great start to your weekend No Doubters! We’re pleased to present you with an exclusive first look at some clips from the “Settle Down” music video.

The band can’t share any of the music just yet, but we promise you’ll hear it very soon. For now, check out some behind the scenes clips from the video shoot and stay tuned next week for more previews of the video!

“Settle Down” hits the Internet on July 16th!

10 Replies to “Video: “Settle Down” Behind The Scenes”

  1. did anyone else catch the old NXD crossing sign logo on the back of the truck?! AWESOME! even though i’m a little let down with the single cover art (and hoping the album artwork is nothing like it) seeing the old NXD logo gets me excited! i own the railroad crossing shirt and still wear to this day. over 15 years later, i’m still wearing it!

  2. this teasing is just lame. enough already, its just a song. let your damn fans hear it (or at least some of it).
    they announce the album 5 months before it’s release. get back to us in 4 months.

    agreed, single cover is so bad. these guys are in the 40’s. they look great but this just makes em look old.
    i think they should try something new. perhaps not with their faces on it. you know, something that has actual ideas behind it.

  3. @doom- i agree with you completely. and they should definitely try a new font. they really shouldn’t use the same current formulas the rest of the music world is using right now. thats what made them unique in the first place. with every release, they stood out and made it their own and didn’t follow any current trends of that specific time period. i’m hoping for the same with “Push and Shove”. and again, the single artwork really needed more thought.. i mean, its their first single of new original material in over a decade! you
    need to bring it!

  4. @Finn – I’m sure he did something to deserve it LOL

    I see why people are frustrated with the band, but hang in there, I’m sure they will “bring it.” The stills from the new video look awesome!

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