Video: “Settle Down” Live On The Teen Choice Awards

Check out No Doubt’s debut live performance of “Settle Down” from the Teen Choice Awards tonight! What did you think?

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  1. where was her “break down” i liked it but i hope it turns out better for the tour! guys still rocked though!!!

  2. Because this is a new single, they deserve some leeway. However, the vocals and instrumentation was drowned out. I hope they spruce it up for their next few performances. They may want to incorporate backup dancers and a backing track to really feel the impact of song.

  3. Woo! I think they nailed it! I wish Gwen’s mic was louder, but the performance was awesome!! Woo Hoo!!

  4. Watching this made me feel like a kid again. I am just so happy. Kinks can always be worked out with repetition/rehearsal when it comes to live performance. Having good sound production team always helps. All together, I am falling in love with ND all over again. HEAVY SIGH. <3

  5. Meh, this performance was ok. The track sounds really skeletal compared to the album version and Gabe and Steve didn’t really complement the song as backup singers.

  6. I have to agree with the majority… Not their best performance. There was definitely something missing… It didn’t help that Gwen’s vocals were so low either. I dunno, it was their first time performing the song so I’m hoping it’ll improve because I really really love the studio version.

    Loved Gwen’s outfit. Hated Tom’s jacket.

    I hope an mp3 will be posted? 🙂

  7. i liked the performance it wasn’t their best but im gonna give them some slack it was their first time performing it live but i agree it did feel like something was missing. hoping they work out the kinks for future performances. Like a true No Doubter i’ll support them through the good and the bad. And as always Gwen and the boys looked great. I really loved her outfit!

  8. couldn’t agree more…something seemed like it was missing with that being said..i loved the sound. I was really hoping for a more rough/skeletal version of the song when it was live. I liked that it was more broken down and the instruments really shined. Overall i was pleased.

  9. I agree with the majority, the sound was not OK, there was something weird… Cool to see them playing live again, anyway.

  10. It was almost like watching the band try to put on a glove that didn’t quite fit. It’s like they didn’t know how to make it their own yet. Can’t wait to see it improve. I wonder if Gwen was struggling with the notes because the song is too low or too high or too new for her. It was very strange. Or if it was all a struggle because the song itself was a bit over produced.

    Regardless, I love the recording, I think the song is potentially very No Doubt, they just have to work out the kinks.

  11. seriously,it sucked
    what the hell was that?didnt they rehearse like at all??
    her voice was terrible i am so disappointed with them,reallly?????????????

  12. calm down moji, it was not that bad. Despite of Gwen’s vocals not being loud enough, I really loved it and I’m really excited for the beginning of this era, I can’t even describe 🙂

  13. I’m a big fan of No Doubt but found that performance really flat and dare I say it a bit boring. Feel like we’re seeing the same things over and over with the fashion/hair and performance. Nothing new or exciting going on. Hopefully it will get better.

  14. I liked it! Gwen did well vocal-wise, and as a whole, it went well. I prefer this shorter version over the 6 minute one.

  15. Well I liked it. I do think the sound itself was kinda… meh. Maybe once they’re off on their own touring it will sound better. I couldn’t really hear Gwen when I was watching as if they turned her mic down and jacked up everything else. Otherwise, she herself still sung good.

  16. how so pob? this is the first performance, makes sense it matches the video… I think they’ll get better with the sound mix as the performances go on.

    I love gabe and steve but I’d like to hear a backing track on some key moments of the chorus. I also think they should add dancers to tv perfomances since the song has a dancehall element to it!

    And I DARE ADRIAN to perform this in his underwear now he’s 41! 😀

  17. Hey Ed, I’ve always loved the No Doubt style and each album has brought us different looks and sounds. It just seems like they’re on repeat with the same kind of look from the reunion tour and I was hoping they’d go back to their roots a bit more musically (more rock and ska as opposed to dancehall) but that’s just my opinion and personal preference. Hoping the album brings us a mix of things 🙂

  18. This is their first performance, which is always for them – a little rusty. Once they get this song under their belt a few times, it’ll be perfect. Also, the sound mixing is terrible on the Teen Choice side.

  19. C’mon guys the vocals were flat and off key! Still loved to see them tho! Her outfit rocked even though yea…basically a repeat of the reunion tour.

  20. Best part was Tom and Tony with the Stand and Deliver drums. Especially loved Tom twirling the drumstick at the end.

  21. Oh please no back up dancers. They are a band, not Justin Bieber LOL

    Yes, she was definitely off-key in the beginning… Hopefully the Fallon performance will be better!

  22. i agree alittle with both sides here, honestly i do not think gwen was born with god given vocals so to speak. although she has pulled it off well over the years. however it seems to me when they have the ‘home crowd’ advantage or when they are singing for benefits/ honoring someone they seem to be more motivated to do better. i remember in 2009 the first time back on the today show gwen sounded awful to say the least, but as more performances went on she sounded better along with the band. i want them to be better though i know they can.

  23. Let me clarify-I did not mean backup dancers I meant have some dancers on stage just groovin to the song.

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