Video: Rare Live Version Of “Ache/A Little Something Refreshing” Medley

Thanks again to Gloriane for sending into us. Check out another video we made showcasing the audio from an amazing medley of “Ache/A Little Something Refreshing” live from the same show as “Bouncin’ Shoes” we posted from either 1992 or 1993. The quality is great and the energy is amazing. Again, these versions were circulated around the internet a few years ago (but even I had misplaced them!) but we will be adding more exclusives later on from the amazing Gloriane. We cannot thank her enough for her time and the files, they are like gold to old schoolers like myself. The photo featured is an autograph she received from Tom back in 1996 when No Doubt played Chicago.

Click here to download the audio mp3!

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