Rare Interview with No Doubt from 1996

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Facebook community No Doubt Archive has shared a super rare interview with the band from early 1996. In it, Gwen brings up Eric being her main influence to join the band and the reasoning behind “Just a Girl”. Tony and Adrian discuss how they like playing (at the time) in small clubs better verses arenas because of the crowds. Gwen says that Tragic Kingdom has a bunch of realness to it besides she wrote the lyrics instead of earlier lyrics that Eric wrote (citing “Ache”, “A Little Something Refreshing” and “Paulina” — which Gwen has said is a reason why most old school songs are not performed anymore).

It’s a really cute and funny interview — click here to check out the video since embedding is disabled. We hope this new community keeps sharing the goodies!

Click here to check out another clip of the band talking about The Beacon Street Collection.

One Reply to “Rare Interview with No Doubt from 1996”

  1. LOL Love Tony’s Airplane reference at the end!

    So young…so 90’s… Great interview. I miss the fun and laughter that was missing from the interviews last year.

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