Video: “Push and Shove” World Premiere

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Here is the world premiere of “Push and Shove”. Enjoy!

Screen caps will be up later this afternoon!

14 Replies to “Video: “Push and Shove” World Premiere”

  1. SICK VIDEO OMG. Enough of the pretty lights, fashion and pop bullshit. Stripped down, black and white, the band rockin’ out. THEY NAILED THIS. Kudos.

  2. first time i’ve heard the track
    me and my three year old will be dancin and singin to this before preschool this morning!!!! I love the video it feels like your hanging out with the band, seriously u guys one of my fav nd videos and i think my fav nd song ever!!!!! LOVE tony’s big grin
    LOVE U GUYS, does not look forced or awkward at all
    just awesome!!!

  3. I think they have a lot of fun! they party, c’mon. *lol* (but don’t like gwens solo parts. she doesn’t look like herself. hmm) but in the end I would like to party with them. they’re old enough to do things like this. *g*

  4. this video is weird , thay always look like they dont care , but in this video looks exaggerated,.
    Tom dumont is the best in the world !,, gwen tony and adrian looks like give me money for this video …

  5. I like it, although it does get a bit repetitive – and It’s weird that Busy Signal doesn’t appear. Apart from that, great fun video!!

  6. I don’t think its weird that Busy Signal wasnt in the video. Lady Saw wasn’t in Underneath It All and video was awesome.. 😀

    Love the song, love the video. 😀 listening to the album right now. 😀

  7. Video is so disappointing! Did they shoot this on the fly with their camcorder?? I will definitely continue to blast this song, but without the visual!

  8. Fun to watch! Adrian was definitely the star of it LOL I agree that some of the shots were awkward though…like them drinking or the closeups of Gwen pulling at her face in that weird seductive way haha I think the STILLS of this video will be awesome to flip through!

  9. This is everything i expected from ND!! What a hell of a party, love to see them having a blast. For me, this marks their comeback!!!

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