Videos: “Push and Shove” Live from Paris

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Amazing! Check out No Doubt’s debut performance of “Push and Shove” live from Paris, France last night! It seems like they performed more of the radio edit version with Steve taking over vocals during Busy Signal’s part. Thanks to Paulina, Natalia and Patrick for sharing and uploading for everyone. What did you think of the performance?

12 Replies to “Videos: “Push and Shove” Live from Paris”

  1. I’ve really been looking forward to this and I’m not let down at all!! Can’t wait to see them for the home town shows. I think they need to work on some choreography a bit though. I’m stoked Steve is jumping in for vocals too. He’s so energetic that he just breathes live into the whole show. So excited…. freaking out!!!

  2. EIT has two vids on Youtube of the performance… I would post the link but apparently it’s an “exclusive” lol Check it out though, it didn’t disappoint

  3. damn! I got chills! this is epic!! such a good song!! Live is soooo much better!! No Doubt is a live band for sure!!! amazing!!

  4. So much better live! Stephen did a good job with Busy Signal’s part! I hope they don’t always do the radio edit though. I want the full thing!!

  5. If you missed or want the ‘Looking Hot’ video I have it downloaded- I was able to catch one of the last links before it got pulled. I’ve burned a few copies for some No Doubters already. I’m more than happy to do it. Email me: Because some more people have asked I just ask that the cost of the shipping and the DVD be covered? About $6.69 has been the average cost to those I’ve already sent it to, and to make it more “worth it” I’m also including the ‘Settle Down’ and “Push and Shove’ videos as well, so all 3 ‘P&S’ era vids so far on one DVD. I’m not trying to cash in, I’m simply trying to allow true fans the opportunity to see this video, as I think the whole “scandal” is completely ridiculous. I am in NO way trying to go against the band or ANYTHING like that- the video has been pulled off the world wide web and it cannot be seen by those who (stupidly, in my opinion) might take “offense”. This is strictly for hard core lovers of the band, the true fans, who believe this was a bad move for promoting this record and want to continue to show their full support to the band as much as possible like I always have, do, and always will. So go ahead and email me if you’re interested. Like I said, several fans from the sites have already gotten theirs and emailed me and loved it. I’m not shady, I’m a life-long No Doubter, and I’m here for my fellow No Doubters in this time of need! 😉

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