Video: No Doubt Teased Fans With "Tragic Kingdom" For A Birthday Request


Thanks to Shawn for sending in his photos! How awesome!

Aww! No Doubt played not even half of “Tragic Kingdom” last night in New Jersey… “a little taste” or the “diet version” as Gwen said. A fan emailed me his story — he requested on a sign for the band to play the song for his birthday! Tom’s guitar went out as soon as they started playing, and the band ended it before Gwen seemed to want to. Like I mentioned before, apparently the band was debating on playing “Total Hate” last night — ahh!

My B day wish is to hear Total Hate or Tragic Kingdom”. I held up the sign and Gwen came over to me, read the sign out loud and asked the band if they should play one of those songs. They busted into Tragic Kingdom. She grabbed my hand and said, “this one is for you- Happy Birthday”. It was the most amazing experience. I have been to so many No Doubt shows and i never had a chance to meet them. This was the best b-day gift. After the show, Tony and Gwen reached down and signed my sign.

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  1. Great story…it’s nice to see the band acknowledge their loyal fans…happy B-Day !!! get lost Tro

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