Video: No Doubt Makes Dreams Come True

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Adrian has posted a really sweet message to Noise of Rumors which they have shared on their Facebook:

“I’ve watched every band thats played on this seven show run. but i didn’t watch every song except for you guys and I’m not saying that to make you feel better. I’m saying that because I wanted you guys to great, but also the songs I thought were interesting and they sounded good. I wanted to see what the next song sounds like, and I want to see what the next song sounds like. You should all feel proud of yourselves.” – Adrian Young to Noise of Rumors

Huge fans of No Doubt and band, Noise of Rumors, have posted a vlog documenting their adventure promoting and wishing for a chance to open for the band and finally having their dream come true. You might remember Noise of Rumors as being the band posting covers and videos pleading No Doubt to have them be selected as an opener at one of their shows. Their prayers were finally answered when they got a personal phone call from Tom and Adrian asking for them to open up for No Doubt on December 2 in Los Angeles during their stay at Gibson.

Noise of Rumors not only opened for No Doubt but got to spend some one-on-one time with members backstage at Gibson, too. The band is so down to Earth and it’s a really incredible moment to watch. Congratulations again to them, and they are right, No Doubt do make dreams come true.

Thank you to singer Cyn Electrica for sharing the video with us!

3 Replies to “Video: No Doubt Makes Dreams Come True”

  1. Sweet! They are all so nice to them:) Any chance you can make stills for this video? I like the outfit Gwen is wearing:)

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