Video: No Doubt Live in Fullerton

Wow — we’re speechless! YouTube’s DarthPink75 has shared No Doubt’s full performance from December 7, 1994 live on the Cal State Fullerton campus in Fullerton, California. Fans may recognize this show from various photos of the band from the performance that symbolized the Beacon Street era for some.

The band’s energy was incredible and it’s great to hear earlier versions of some of the band’s biggest songs again in their raw forms. We feel extremely grateful to finally see this show after so many years and are sending huge thanks to DarthPink75 again for sharing the footage!

12/4/1994 — Fullerton, California — Cal State Fullerton
Move On / Sunday Morning / Sinking / Sixteen / Different People / Just a Girl / ABCs / Paulina / Let’s Get Back / Heartbreaker (cover) / You Can Do It / Trapped In a Box / Excuse Me Mr. / Brand New Day

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  1. This was a great gig. Those mosh pits look really scary tho lol Oh the 90s! Now kids don’t even move cause they’re too busy with there smartphones that they don’t even experience a great concert the way they should.

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