Video: No Doubt Red Carpet Interview With Entertainment Tonight; Transcribed

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No Doubt was interviewed on the red carpet and asked about the event and how surreal everything was. You can see a clip of them walking towards the end but the last whole minute of the video is the interview with the band. They look so good! We transcribed the interview below for those who can’t view the video.

Gwen: “Just hearing all the backstories on all the honorees and being part of the whole weekend has just been like mind blowing and really inspiring. We are going to be playing three Beatles songs in honor of Paul McCartney, whom we love and worship. I think we’re all a bit flustered by the whole thing.”

Adrian: “We’re still pinching ourselves. I mean The White House, going to honor Paul McCartney. It’s all downhill after tonight.”

Gwen: “We just met the President before coming here. It was an amazing weekend.”

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