Video: No Doubt Debut Webisode 2

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Tom has confirmed that both “Sparkle” and “Looking Hot” are featured in the webisode!


Click here to download the audio .mp3 of the websiode!

It’s finally here! In the band’s second in studio webisode, we get to see footage of Gabe and Steve recording horns for the new album. From what we’re guessing… we think at least two different songs are in this one. The new music sounds AMAZING! Seriously, my mouth was on the floor listening to it for the first time! So much bass, reggae, horns, dub — incredible. Gwen mentions that there is tons of horns on this record and notes how there was hardly any on Rock Steady. Push and Shove is sounding so flawless! We’ll have screen caps and audio up soon!

We’re looking back at some Tweet photos to find out what songs are in the video… “Looking Hot” and “Sparkle” are featured in the clip!

Looks like some of the footage was when Gabe joined them in the studio back in July of 2011 and March of this year.

21 Replies to “Video: No Doubt Debut Webisode 2”

  1. This album is going to be amazing!!! Feels like all the elements we love from No Doubt are compiled into each of the songs we get it all, hopefully in the next webisode we’ll hear the rock element more…yay!! So stoked!!

  2. Sounds cool! I think the once song with the darker vibe is “Undercover” and the song with the upbeat vibe is “Psycho” or “Heaven”.

  3. So is the Star Wars theme going to be part of a song?? Or were they just practicing? So exciting!!!

  4. It sounded so fantastic, especially around 1:52!! So happy there are gonna be a lot of horns like in the early days. I’m also very curious to see if they’re going to incorporate the Star Wars theme into any of the songs or not. They seemed to me to be playing with a lot of focus, not just warming up…

  5. I think that they just wanted to satiate us greedy fans so they put out this non-informative webisode that features the star wars theme on it. I wish we had a snippet from the new video or even Gwen singing more of Push and Shove or a snippet of the new song Settle Down.

    I guess we’ll have to wait a while…if we both want the love then I’ll wait long enough so the ground that we’re on might be common…ALL I CAN DO, IS WAIT FOR YOU!

  6. My guess is that the Imperial March they were playing was just warming up. But wouldn’t that be insane if they incorporated that into something? Dream come true for them, lol.

  7. Didn’t we get a chorus with webisode 1? I’m glad they aren’t revealing too much music in the webisodes personally, why spoil all of the excitement of hearing the record properly for the first time…

  8. God, this sounds like Ghost Town with Home Now and a hint of Underneath it all, CANT FUCKING WAIT!

    it totally took me back to the specials too 🙂

  9. btw tom just mentioned in twitter the names of the songs included in the webisode: Looking Hot and Sparkle

  10. the video says it hasn’t been set up to view in my country? u.s.a.? anyone else not able to watch video? 🙁

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