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In a new interview before No Doubt took the stage at KROQ’s Almost Acoustic Christmas night #2, Gwen says she loves playing as a special guest. Tony mentions how the band just played seven nights at Gibson and thought it was funny how they were getting interviewed in Gwen’s former dressing room. It was also No Doubt’s manager Jim who suggested the band play seven nights at Gibson.

Gwen says that the band really wanted to play tonight at the radio show cause they have always admired the station. No Doubt played first back in 1995 with a 15 minute set. Tony says being back on the show “feels like home”.

Gwen says playing onstage with Bush last night was “amazing” and said they had only rehearsed twice before hand. After suggesting it to Gavin, he didn’t mention it for two days and was hesitant to duet but Gwen insisted.

THE BAND REVEALED THAT THEY ARE GOING BACK IN TO THE STUDIO IN 2013! Gwen says that she is actually going into the studio TOMORROW, the boys were already in there THIS WEEK. Gwen says they are working on “new music” and possibly “touring” this summer!

KROQ — Surprise surprise! And you thought last night’s appearance by Gwen Stefani during her husband’s band, Bush was a showstopper. Then the stage turns after fun. and lo and behold it’s No Doubt with a blazing hot set.

Just before their set Gwen, Tony Adrian and Tom sat down opened their dressing room to Kevin & Bean.

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  1. Wonder if the new music will be a whole new album or if Push and Shove will be re-released with more songs? Either way, pretty cool.

  2. Maybe more of a rock kind of genre? Like Tragic Kingdom, Beaconstreetcollection, return of saturn? I love their reggae ska pop music don’t get me wrong

  3. its weird the new songs sound so different and so much better live…like when you can really hear the horns and drum beats it sounds like the old school stuff… especially the acoustic versions of one more summer and sparkle ?!! oh man like totally diff songs!!!! hopefully the 7 night stand finally inspired them big big BIG time this time!!!! I’m so excited to see them next year !

  4. New music already! Wow, I didn’t think that they would even mention new music til at least the end 2013. Who knows, maybe we will see a new album then. 😀

  5. I’m so excited! This is exactly what I hoped would happen! It took a long time for P&S, but now that it’s out of the way and the pressure is gone, then they can have a quick turnaround (hopefully) and pop out another awesome album! I hope they are inspired and hungry for it again! I’m also kind of wondering if the record label is bailing on P&S? Will they let them put out a 3rd single or is this era over with the exception of a summer tour?

    1. The era’s been over. I’ve been saying just go on tour and back into the studio ASAP for the past few months. Looks like things are finally turning around! YAY!

      Hopefully they are hungry for it again. And they won’t go with a studio engineer/mixer for the producer again. P&S has a lot of problems, among them was that it was overproduced and by someone who didn’t really know how to bury things in the mix properly. Maybe they should ask Butch Vig for some help? ND and Garbage go back a long way. That could be hot.

  6. I knew this would happened. I’m glad. Push and Shove had a terrible over production and clearly they know it. Love them and respect them for that.

  7. Yes! Re-release. Push and Shove: Reloaded! I think it’s just what the album needs….it was conceived in a very hard period for the band and I think the record reflects that, it’s full of more ‘mature’ material and despite being hugely enjoyable, lacks a necessary edge. Now that the band has gotten from studio hell and into the limelight once again, maybe it will bolster more exciting material, and perhaps make their rocker look feel more fitting and less misguided with the softer material. It could win them potential commercial success that has been kind of lacking in this record, and rekindle spirits in those dissappointed fans (which is not my case by any means).

  8. Guys I won’t be a re release, re releases are for successful albums, which is not the case for P&S, she clearly says: NEW MATERIAL. Probably not a new album, new songs or a new EP will be more than enough for me.

  9. Chaser, Tom was right there! Except all he did was smile and nod. He could be a cardboard cut-out basically! So I understand why you missed him.

  10. i like this interview alot it is nice to see the band have a kinda chill out moment here, it i has probobly been a hecktic few months. looks like everyone is in good spirits though. nice to see.

  11. Wow! Recording new music is the last thing I expected from them. Does anyone know if they are still contracted to Interscope?

  12. OHMYGODOHMYGODOHMYGODOHMYGODOHMYGOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I’m so excited right now: I hope they collaborate for a couple of songs:
    MAJOR LAZER (obligatory)

    Dr. LUKE + CIRKUT + DIPLO (on one song) pleaaaase.

    Major Lazer are familiar with raggae/ska roots although “Push and Shove” (song) was a pop record. They also produce pure raggae and ska and they are familiar with what’s going on in jamaica and the islands so i think they should be in charge of half the album.

  13. Simon, I agree with you!!! SWITCH and JOHN HILL would be AMAZING.

    They did wonderful things on Santigold’s debut album, I still play it to this day.

  14. ED! Santigold’s debut album is one of my favorites from this last decade, seriously. If they got both of those guys to work on the new material it would be amazing.

  15. YAY!!! I’m already saving for this whenever it comes around!! So excited and happy that they enjoyed their time on the 7 night stand!

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