Video: No Doubt Answers Your Questions

I went ahead and uploaded the video NBC posted last night of No Doubt sitting backstage in the green room after their performances yesterday morning answering fan’s questions that were submitted via online. One fan asks what the band’s favorite songs are to play live — Adrian answers that it changes pretty much every night but “Sunday Morning” will always be a favorite for him.

They are asked to recall some of their funniest memories together (good question!) and Gwen tells the story about how Tony lost the bet that if the band went to #1 he would get his nose pierced. She then proceeded to tell us that it didn’t last long — and that he later threw up and passed out. Aww! Adro then tells how a story about when they were in Germany filming a TV show back in 1996, Tony’s bass was stolen out the green room by gypsies… and then he had to play on the program with a keyboard only. We would love to see that! Gwen talks about how the approach to song writing is backwards now, and says it’s her fault they are heading out on tour, and hopes to find songs at the end.

They ask what types of bands they listen to, and Tony (like me) apparently just listens to the old goodies: The Specials, Madness, The Selecter, and The English Beat (just listed all of our favorites!) and Gwen is really into “Laura,” by Christopher Cross at the moment.

The final question was asking ND if they are feeling scared about getting back together and playing on the road, and Adro says that he personally does not feel scared, but he knows the whole band is really anxious right now. He admits that performing on the TODAY show was really nerve wracking, going on TV together and playing in so many years. “By mid-summer we’ll have our stride, and we won’t care anymore.”


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