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Fuse TV has posted another portion of No Doubt’s new interview (which will be airing tomorrow during their 24 hour takeover!)

Fuse — Get psyched: We’re just one day away from the release of Push and Shove, No Doubt’s sixth studio release—and one of Fuse’s most anticipated albums of the fall! In an exclusive interview with Fuse host Alexa Chung, the band—who recently kicked off football season with a performance in NYC—talk about their lives outside of music over the past decade, and how their new album continues to rely on an intimate writing process and their ska-new wave roots. Watch the video above.

“I will never be the same like when I wrote Tragic Kingdom,” said Gwen Stefani (who recently told us about motherhood and her solo career). “With Push and Shove I still feel like I didn’t edit myself. We would just sit and talk about what was going on in that moment. I was just trying to take snapshots of things going on in my life.”

Drummer Adrian Young said the band will forever be influenced by the music of their youth from the ‘70s and ‘80s. “For all music lovers, you just go back to what you grew up on,” Young said. “I’m sure we’re always going to listen to the Specials and Duran Duran when we’re 85 years old.”

“Even if we try to listen to new stuff, we always go back to the stuff that we grew up on,” bassist Tony Kanal added. “That’s the stuff that has that emotional tie.”

For more on No Doubt and Push and Shove, tune into Fuse all day Tuesday, when we’ll be broadcasting nothing but the band’s videos and interviews as part of our No Doubt Takeover. And be sure to check out our photo gallery of No Doubt’s career!

3 Replies to “Video: More from Fuse Interview”

  1. ““ will never be the same like when I wrote Tragic Kingdom,” said Gwen Stefani”

    I think a lot of fans need to understand that…

  2. Anyone in their 40s who is the same as they were in their 20s is stagnant. I’m glad Gwen has grown. Its natural and it helps me see how far I have also come.

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