Video: “Looking Hot” Live on The X Factor

Here it is! Check out a high quality video of No Doubt’s performance of “Looking Hot” live on The X Factor tonight! The host also pulled them together for a short interview once they were done playing. They did an incredible job and we couldn’t be more proud! Thank you so much to TheBeanyMan62 for sharing and uploading so quickly. We love how prominent the backdrop footage is in the performance — it’s breathtaking.

What did you think of the their performance?

Also make sure to check out backstage and live photos from The X Factor.

22 Replies to “Video: “Looking Hot” Live on The X Factor”

  1. I LOVE ALL THE BACKDROP FOOTAGE! AMAZING! (you know what would be even BETTER- if the LOOKING HOT MUSIC VIDEO WAS PLAYING!!!!! sorry, I will NEVER get past that stupid decision.)

    X Factor usually has cool intro/retrospectives of the performers, I hope someone is able to find the full clip that has their intro as well!

    This was GREAT! They are all THE BEST!!!

  2. The performance was incredible 😀 I loved it, it was still a good introduction but…I wish X factor had bigged them up even more just before they came on, I always assumed they’d sold more that 22 million, since Tragic Kingdom alone sold 16 Million! x

  3. Whats the deal with Gwens vocals recently? And forgetting her own lyrics twice in one verse? This era is super frustrating. Also, what the hell was the american indian theme all about? It was a nicely shot video, but it had nothing at all to do with the lyrics…maybe we will get a better product out of it. Anyway, the vocals are terrible on the past two performances. She sounds winded and way out of key.

  4. This performance was flawless! Loved everything about it and I’m not too keen on the previous performances: their look, the energy, gwen’s vocals, the backdrop footage! Everything was on point.

  5. wow imhomenow i agree with u completely!!!!!!!! i was loking for the words to describe how i me feel when i hear Gwen siging SHE SOUNDS WINDED completely she also forgot the lyrics such a mess! im waiting for the Gwen signing wind it up which was even more harder

  6. I don’t think she forgot the lyrics. There is a part of the song where it overlaps and she would have to sing to parts at once. In past live performances she says “go ahead and stare I’m a ragamuff- get it you take it” etc. Here she finished ragamuffin but had to skip the next word. Agreed about her vocals. Although let’s keep in mind she was never the strongest singer to begin with, and she is 43 these days. Cut her some slack she was jumping around all over the place, which is what has always made them shine live!

  7. Gwen’s live vocals have never particularly been a replica of the album version but personally, I love this about their live performances, the constant diversity and variety in keys! I thought the vocals were some of Gwen’s best vocals and I thought she didn’t go mental physically to concentrate on vocals-due to it being a singing competition! I imagined Gwen running around in the audience and really going for it physically, though the vocals would of been affected! Anyway, it was brilliant to watch and I loved it no matter what!

  8. Apparently half these commenters didn’t watch all the first Settle Down performances, because her vocals have sounded better than ever. I don’t understand the point of following this website just to bash the band.

  9. I love Gwens live voice, it has a great vibrato, and the settle down prefomances were amazing, exept for the teen choice awards but other than that her voice is awesome, geez, this band can’t catch a break, criticism about the album, the looking hot video, criticism after criticism, gosh people

  10. Mr. Bradley one can love the band but still criticize it….blind fanatism is always a bit self-deceptive.

    I actually take back the vocals thing, she did sing it very well in my opinion.

  11. OMG, please tell me someone can get a video or stills from their backdrop!!!

    I love Gwen’s voice, but I don’t think she pushes her vocals to its full potential. She came pretty close on Undone, Push & Shove, and Easy though. That’s what annoys me about Spike Stent. He should have pushed them more.

    But anyway, it wasn’t their best performance of LH, but it was still really good and they looked awesome! 🙂

  12. Hmm if anyone can criticize them, it’s us, right? Not the stupid random commenters on Youtube… We’ll still love them even if we criticize them sometimes.

    I think it took a little while for Gwen to fine tune her voice on this performance, but the song isn’t easy. If she sang more like the acoustic version, it would surely sound smoother. And she did change the lyrics (it wasn’t just a matter of overlapping): I don’t care anymore instead of I can’t tell anymore.

  13. Wasn’t the instrumental mixing just great on this performance? It’s one of the things I loved the most about it. 🙂

  14. I love it! Gwen is looking soooo hot! She is flawless! And I don’t think she forgot the lyrics, I think they just change for this performance because the guys in the backjust sang the same thing that she sang! Pay attention guys, let’s stop criticize and just enjoy our favorite band! No Doubt rules!

  15. If you missed or want the ‘Looking Hot’ video I have it downloaded- I was able to catch one of the last links before it got pulled. I’ve burned a few copies for some No Doubters already. I’m more than happy to do it. Email me: Because some more people have asked I just ask that the cost of the shipping and the DVD be covered? About $6.69 has been the average cost to those I’ve already sent it to, and to make it more “worth it” I’m also including the ‘Settle Down’ and “Push and Shove’ videos as well, so all 3 ‘P&S’ era vids so far on one DVD. I’m not trying to cash in, I’m simply trying to allow true fans the opportunity to see this video, as I think the whole “scandal” is completely ridiculous. I am in NO way trying to go against the band or ANYTHING like that- the video has been pulled off the world wide web and it cannot be seen by those who (stupidly, in my opinion) might take “offense”. This is strictly for hard core lovers of the band, the true fans, who believe this was a bad move for promoting this record and want to continue to show their full support to the band as much as possible like I always have, do, and always will. So go ahead and email me if you’re interested. Like I said, several fans from the sites have already gotten theirs and emailed me and loved it. I’m not shady, I’m a life-long No Doubter, and I’m here for my fellow No Doubters in this time of need! 😉

  16. with regard to gwen’s vocals, (a) she’s THE BOMB!!!! (b) i’ve noticed in EVERY performance of ‘looking hot’ the opening verse has sounded a tad off. the vowels in ‘want’ and ‘you’ sound a bit pushed but it takes off right after that and sounds AMAZING! high notes and all! but i have noticed just a little bit of breathing or maybe nerves just in the first couple lines but that’s what you get with live singing- it’s live!! hahaaa. CAN’T WAIT FOR THE LIVE SHOWS, BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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