Video: “Looking Hot” Live on the EMAs

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So it seems like MTV2 didn’t air No Doubt’s performance during the EMAs US broadcast. What a bummer!

Wow! Check out No Doubt’s incredible live performance of “Looking Hot” from MTV’s EMAs in high quality. What did you think of the performance? Click here to see photos from the show.


Check out a fan recorded version of “Looking Hot” including the band entering and exiting the stage courtesy of Melanie.

18 Replies to “Video: “Looking Hot” Live on the EMAs”

  1. I saw this live on tv, I was so excited… How is this even possible??? This is absolute perfection, they didn’t need any props visually… They did an awesome job, sounded so good and Gwen was SO CONFIDENT on her vocals, her attitude. AND HOW GORGEOUS DID SHE LOOK??

  2. Great Everyone was on the mark Mrs. Gwen Is so ” HOT ” in this performance, so successful at being professional and her voice was as good as you can get.

  3. I recoded the EMA’s because No Doubt was going to be on there. And they weren’t. Waste of time and space. Am I the only one who think Mtv is lacking?

    But the video above was great. They all did a great job.

  4. That was better. Probably the best one, but she was still flat throughout most of it and sounds really out of practice. You can still hear her gasping for breath at random times.

    I remember she said in an interview recently that she doesn’t rehearse as much as the guys do and just likes to wing it. Girl, it’s showing pretty badly lately. It’s not like you’re JUST promoting the single. This is working on your legacy and continued relevance.

    I think getting dropped from the TV broadcast says it all about this single’s prospects. The frustration continues.

  5. Gwen sounds amazing! She sings live…it’s not going to be perfect. I’ll take minor imperfections over lip syncers any day! I’m pissed that it didn’t air in the US, but I guess MTV isn’t that relevant anymore anyway…

    When a better version shows up can we get an mp3 pleeeeease 🙂

  6. I do like that she always sings live, but amazing? Not really. That was a lot of bum notes. I’ve heard her sing other songs live and absolutely slay. Something about this song is like Its My Life – she can’t seem to do it live.

  7. pretty good and that is really all you can ask for only because most bands are not the best live, however i think this era for no doubt has been a real treat for the fans but man ill tell you this album has not hit the mainstream to well it is kinda like there debut album. to most ‘popular music’ right now they are taking a backseat, something has to kinda give here.

  8. It’s a fun performance…but Gwen’s voice did seem a little out of sync at times…obviously it’s a live performance…and who knows, she might have laryngitis from so many interviews etc…but it is so weird to see her make any mistakes because she is so good all the time…don’t go Whitney on us Gwen!!!! (Voice issues only)

    1. well very few had very strong vocals like whitney houston, however if she can sing well enough without missing so many notes that is ok with me.

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