Video: Live in the Tragic Kingdom

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With it being pretty slow around here still, I didn’t want to wait till Friday to post this flashback. Plus it’s just too special.

I found a complete upload of No Doubt’s full show in Anaheim, California at the Arrowhead Pond from June 1, 1997 which is featured on the Live in the Tragic Kingdom DVD. I remember watching my VHS tape over and over and can still recite every word and single piece of dialog that came out of Gwen’s voice that night. The clothes, the attitude, the set, the audience… this show is incredible and pure No Doubt at their finest and will always be my favorite. So many good memories. I know this is true for so many No Doubters so I wanted to share and relive it again this Monday afternoon. It would be pretty incredible if the band released this on blu-ray in the future since it’s just that good.

06/01/1997 — Anaheim, California — Arrowhead Pond
Tragic Kingdom (:57) / Excuse Me Mr. (4:38) / Different People (8:44) / Happy Now? (14:20) / DJs (18:14) / End It On This (22:19) / Just a Girl (26:09) / The Climb (36:01) / Total Hate (43:30) / Hey You (acoustic) (47:22) / Star Wars Imperial March (50:47) / Move On/Ghost Town (52:28) / Don’t Speak (58:22) / Sunday Morning (1:04:07) / Spiderwebs (1:21:31) / Ob-La-Di Ob-La-Da (1:26:45)

And by the way, please buy it on if you don’t own this already.

2 Replies to “Video: Live in the Tragic Kingdom”

  1. Such a great show. The LITTK mp3s are still ones I listen to the most. They sounded great and looked great. They were at the top of their game!

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