Video: Live in South Korea 2000

YouTube’s defdoubtnir has uploaded No Doubt’s full live set (including additional backstage footage and interviews) from Seoul, South Korea back on October 25, 2000 from Triport Hall.

This show was one of the last performances of the Return of Saturn era and the setlist included many fan favorites. Such a special show from this incredible and underrated era — check it out!

10/25/2000 — Seoul, Korea — Triport Hall
Ex-Girlfriend / Sunday Morning / Bathwater / Different People / Magic’s In The Makeup / Just A Girl / End It On This / Simple Kind of Life / Artificial Sweetener / New / Home Now / Don’t Speak / Excuse Me Mr.

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  1. I remember hear wearing the bindi during the promo for Ex-Girlfriend and the live shows. It was kind of transitional. In fact it didn’t seem weird at all because at the time we were still so used to the TK era.

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