Katy Perry Loves The “Don’t Speak” Video

In a new video interview and feature for Vevo’s Certified series, Katy Perry names No Doubt’s “Don’t Speak” one of her favorite music videos. She talks about how she wasn’t allowed to listen to popular music growing up, but when she did, she listened to female fronted bands, including No Doubt. Katy goes on to say how she was obsessed with Gwen’s polka dot dress (which Gwen bought a thrift store) and loved the Tragic Kingdom era phase with the bindis and red lipstick. “She just really created a vibe”, says Katy. It’s pretty cool to hear her say such positive things about the video and great timing and exposure for the band! “Don’t Speak” is classic No Doubt and we always love the continued love for it over the years!

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