Video: "Just A Girl" Live On American Idol; MP3 Added

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No Doubt killed it! Holy crap! As we reported previously, No Doubt hit the American Idol stage tonight with “Just A Girl,” and it was an amazing performance! Gwen was all over the place — pushups included! She was rocking the look from the Bamboozle show (the white top and black bottoms, which resembled the white pants from Atlantic City but with gray and black checkers down the side!), and the boys were all casual and funky — while Adro sported a tutu. And we loved the checkered background, it was crazy! Nice job to the girl standing in Gwen’s way who almost got knocked down, thats was funny! Gwen’s vocals were way beyond par, but sounded a little out of breath once it wrapped, but can you blame her! Host Ryan Seacrest asked why the band was heading out on the road with no album, Gwen responded with “it’s my fault” again — knock if off, G! Awesome job, guys! So good to have you back!

The performance aired about 30 minutes into the show.


  • You can now download the performance from Heather’s Greener Pastures
  • Click here for photos!
  • Download audio mp3 here
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