Video: iHeartRadio Backstage with No Doubt

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iHeartRadio has shared a new interview with the band during their soundcheck for the Global Citizen Festival this past weekend about how excited they were to be playing together for the first time in two years for a great cause.

Gwen says that it was enough for the band to head to New York and headline alongside Jay-Z but to play for Global Citizen was icing on the cake. “It doesn’t really feel real.” She talks about convincing her boys to let her go to New York saying, “I was telling my son before I left, because I was trying to make an excuse why I was leaving. I was like ‘by the way, it’s a charity, it’s gonna be amazing, it really helps kids.’ He was like ‘OK, you can go do that. That’s OK.’ Like I was allowed to come because of that. And I think everybody, even from young to old, everybody wants to make a difference and help. This actually is making a different.”

No Doubt says that times have changed with social media and Gwen says that the boys in No Doubt were constantly on her about Tweeting, “You gotta Tweet, you gotta Tweet!” She admits that she doesn’t do it that often and would say “I want to write the record. It’s too much work!” Gwen says that she loves it now and having that “instant gratification”. Tony says that during soundcheck everyone was on their phones trying to find the best photos to share.

Tony recalls that No Doubt are huge Police fans and have called their cover of “Message In a Bottle” almost “natural” for them to play. The band and Sting joined together again for a special performance during this past weekend’s festival.

The host asks the band if they’ve ever played an acepella version of “Hella Good” which turns into a quick and fun sing along together. Pretty neat!

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  1. Cute video! 🙂 And yeah “Message In A Bottle” almost feels like a No Doubt song now. The instrumental was No Doubt style all the way.

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