Video: “Push and Shove” from MTV World Stage


No Doubt have just updated their site with links to international MTV channels broadcasting the special so you can find out when it’s airing in your area. Still no US air date…

Ah! MTV UK has shared the high quality live video of “Push and Shove” from the upcoming World Stage special airing on the 28th!

MTV World Stage airs this Friday, the 28th, on MTV around the world. Check your local listings for times that it will air in your country.

In the UK, the special will air on Friday on MTV Live and Live HD at 9:00 PM. MTV Germany will air at 7:10 PM. We’re still waiting for a US premiere date!

18 Replies to “Video: “Push and Shove” from MTV World Stage”

  1. I am still not liking Push and Shove live, I don’t know why Gwen can’t sing that one particular song well, she sounds perfect singing Looking Hot and older songs, but just not that one, BUT she has improved since the kroq, she dropped the vibrato on the verses, (NOT that her vibrato sounds bad, just bad with the push and shove verses)

  2. This is a pretty good version of it. The only part I don’t like is when Gab and Stephen sing the chorus alone. I’m sorry, they just don’t have good voices.

  3. For the first filmed performance of Push and Shove I say this was darn good!! Best song from the album, I’m so glad to see a performance 🙂

  4. its weird that performance was actually perfect…theres such an unexplainable difference between being there and watching it…its nowhere near the same. live its just insane

  5. Paul, I don’t think we’re listening to the same performance. lol This is one of the highlights of each concert. Hands down, her voice sounds amazing. And yeah I gotta agree on Gabe’s voice. They should re-think that part, imo.

  6. The guitar build up at the end is rad!!! I actually think the part where they sing the chorus without her is great and you don’t hear Gab and Stephen voices alone, there’s also a backing track of Gwen singing the chorus along with them and it’s ace.

    They need to perform this on TV asap!!!!

  7. I think this was a good perfect peformance from them. Gwen is always running amd jumping on stage with alot of energy and deseves more credit for singing live. Some people should try doing that and they will sound horrible & out of breath.Gwen always puts on a good performance I seen her live with No Doubt like 6 times and solo 3 times and she always sounds beautiful. I seen other artist in concert and No doubt are always the best out of every one else I have seen. Gabriel and Stephen actually do have good voices too they give that extra special touch to No Doubt. Cant wait to see the rest of the Mtv World Stage performances!!!

  8. Ps. My only critique is the part where she sings “Hustle nine to five/You’re gonna have to survive/Go hard, go hard, go hard)/Wanted dead or alive” is one of the main hooks, so I think it lacks Gab and Stephen singing that part with her or maybe there should be a loud backing track of Gwen’s voice along with her. Other than that it’s absolute perfection.

  9. Gwen REALLY needs to work on her voice, to hardcore fans no matter what they do would be fine with them, but to future potential fans it might turn them off

  10. Gwen defiantly improved! I love it though she still needs to rehearse more, maybe if she watched a live clip of push and shove and listen to the album version hopefully she learn that there is a huge difference

  11. Gwen’s live voice here improved! I am so happy, but it still needs work, I do not know why Gwen is having so much trouble with this song, seriously, how come she can’t sing it like the studio version? She has no troubles with all the other songs

    1. I know its not a singing competition and I know Gwen isn’t whitney houston, but she can atleast sing decent enough for me to enjoy it, I’m sorry it is just my opinion 🙁

  12. I think Gwen just needs to get comfortable with the songs again.When they perform them more often I think it will all come together… For example…the 2009 tour. They gave an embarrassing performance on the Today show, but once that tour kicked into high gear they were awesome..

  13. WOw finally we can hear it live!!!! Love this song and I think this performance is good.. in Italy WS will be aired on friday 28 @ 9 pm

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