Video: “Happy Now?” Live from Gibson

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No Doubt have just shared another exclusive live video of “Happy Now?” from the band’s extended stay at Gibson in Los Angeles last year. The multi-camera angle, black and white video rocks and again they are treating us to another full song from the set. Enjoy!

11 Replies to “Video: “Happy Now?” Live from Gibson”

  1. incredible how her voice is going down and getting worse and worse, such a pity no more luxurious live such as in 2005

  2. Incredible? Nah, pretty normal part of aging and having spent over two decades screaming into microphones.

  3. What the fuck happened to her breath control!? I mean, your voice deepening with age and losing some of your range is normal. That’s why you lower the key on songs and rearrange them slightly. But she’s literally huffing and puffing in-between every third or fourth word here.

    It’s bad. It’s not from playing it “too safe” with her voice. It’s from being out of practice, or not caring, or she’s totally lost her voice. It’s probably the combo of the first two options. Those acoustic performances of Settle Down and Looking Hot, hell most of the early performances of Settle Down, proved that she could still sing live and actually hit the notes. I’ve said several times before — she NEEDS to rehearse and practice more. She’s not young and punk rock anymore.

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