Video: Fans React to “Total Hate” Live

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Click here to download the audio .m4a file courtesy of Sabrina from the video!

No Doubt has shared an exclusive look at “Total Hate” live from their seven night stand at Gibson in Los Angeles directly with their email subscribers this morning. The footage is pretty incredible and it’s great to see the song in super high quality. No Doubt, please release this show! Just like the other videos, the clip also includes interviews with fans before and after the show.

4 Replies to “Video: Fans React to “Total Hate” Live”

  1. I still can’t believe the song is introduced as a song they thought was retired. WTF. Yes, retire a fan favorite but keep playing Its My Life. Who makes these decisions?

    Anyway, pretty cool video. I love her all red encore outfit. Band sounds good.

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