Video: Fans React to “Sparkle” Live

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No Doubt has shared a new video this morning featuring fan’s reactions to the band debuting “Sparkle” live in Los Angeles. Footage from the shows is also featured in the video and “Sparkle” was definitely arguably one of the highlights for fans that attended the seven night stand. We love seeing all of our friends and those fan signs are amazing!

Here is one of our favorite videos of the song live!

2 Replies to “Video: Fans React to “Sparkle” Live”

  1. Seems like they may be hinting at “Sparkle.” I’m fine w that. 🙂 I voted for “Undone” but it doesn’t seem to have the same widespread appeal. I would love for “Push and Shove” to be the new single as well. I’m flexible. 🙂

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