Video: “Ex-Girlfriend” Live from the 2009 Tour

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No Doubt have shared another video featuring footage of “Ex-Girlfriend” live from the 2009 tour. Stops included in the video include Las Vegas, Fresno, Bakersfield and Irvine. This one is pretty special for me since I attended 3/4 shows featured and “Ex-Girlfriend” was also fan picked from Facebook to be shared next. Enjoy!

16 Replies to “Video: “Ex-Girlfriend” Live from the 2009 Tour”

  1. I still really hate how frantically edited these videos are. They give me a headache. That being said, for the video playing in the background alone – this was definitely a highlight of the tour for me.

    I wish they’d release a video of the reggae version of Excuse Me Mr. soon. I know a lot of fans weren’t crazy about it, but I liked it. Thought it really showed the influence that bands like the Police and English Beat had on them.

  2. JXSXPX, totally! I voted for “Excuse Me Mr.” in the fan poll they had on Facebook. I honestly am in love with that version and it really reminded me of The Police. They should record it, too.

  3. What is the timeline on these shows? I didn’t think she wore the long wife beater past the first few shows of the tour.

    God I love this song! I think Tom and Tony should do backing vocals on P&S too.

    Such a great tour! The outfits, the background videos, the energy, the set design, the opening acts….it was all perfection. I was at the smallest show on the tour and I’m so glad they didn’t cancel.

  4. That was edited horribly- she goes back and forth having a crop top to a full tank winthin seconds…lol.. Still a great song performance though- as always!

  5. That was edited horribly…lol. She goes back in forth from having a crop top to a full tank within seconds. Still a great performance though-as always!

  6. I think that tour was the best shape she’s ever been in! Her abs were memorizing LOL I’m sure she worked very hard for it.

  7. I have yet to be at a show where tony and tom sing! :*( I’m always looking forward to it but guess it just hasn’t happened for me yet. I do love the video in the background as well! That tour has very cool visuals. I know ND is a simple band but those little things help 🙂 The 7 night stand was awesome too!!! I’m saving up for the summer tour.

  8. Come on nodoubt its time for a proper tour video from past tour. I am still waiting for one from sweet escape tour!

  9. Best abs ever!! The abs the wax figure was made of for Vegas Maddame T!!! Ok my favorite moments of the 2009 tour were in EX GIRLFRIEND when she would change up her comments about being Jealous, so fucking Jealous, and this video is the best ive seen I’ve never heard the “SICKLY SICKLY” jealous line before best ever NO DOUBT sicklysicklysickly whoa AMAZING

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