Video: EMA Red Carpet Interview

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Having recently surfaced online, check out a red carpet interview with No Doubt prior to their performance on MTV’s EMAs back in November. In the interview, the band is asked why now they have decided to come back and Gwen responds with that they have been working so hard on the album (Push and Shove) and they enjoyed working together again so much. Gwen also says that it’s “dreamy” to be back in Europe again. Tony confirmed the reports that the band’s performance of “Looking Hot” that night was going to be “plain and simple”, back to the basics and just having fun.

Thanks to No Doubter1 for sharing a link to the interview which we hadn’t posted before. Click here to re-watch No Doubt’s performance of “Looking Hot” live on the EMAs.

5 Replies to “Video: EMA Red Carpet Interview”

  1. I’ve been dying for an mp3 of this performance! Any possibility of one being made? Or emailing it to me? I think this was their best performance of LH and I’d love it on my iPod… 😀

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