Video: E! “Settle Down” Promo Commercial

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Check out a brand new promo commercial for No Doubt’s upcoming “No Doubt: Settle Down” special airing on E! Monday night at 8:00 PM! We hear more of the song (which sounds incredible by the way!) and more video footage.

Thanks to safireskeye for capturing and uploading!

9 Replies to “Video: E! “Settle Down” Promo Commercial”

  1. I think that the vibe of the song is more like “Start the fire”. But I like it and I can not wait till monday.

  2. I can’t see why someone would say this song is a downer. It seems that there are some Debbie Downers around…

  3. Im Scared I am not liking this that much so far! that scares the shit out of me for some reason I have always Loved No Doubt but this is something we have heard from them before I agree DOWNER!

  4. I wish the announcer would shut up so we could hear more! And “Hey Baby #2”? First of all, “Hey Baby” is a great track. Second, I challenge anyone who makes the comparison to really study “Hey Baby”, listen to “Settle Down” in it’s entirety, and come back and support that statement. Its obvious from the snippet that we’ve heard that they are different.

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