Video Download: MuchMusic Intimate and Interactive (Performances Only)

Check out performances from No Doubt that aired during their special MuchMusic Intimate and Interactive back on May 13, 1997. I ripped the individual songs and uploaded them to YouTube and the site for everyone to enjoy!

No Doubt treated Canadian fans to a mini-version of their Tragic Kingdom setlist (which they were on the road supporting at the time) which included “Different People” and a rad extended version of “Sunday Morning”. Fun fact: This show was taped a week or so before No Doubt’s iconic dates in Anaheim for their Live in the Tragic Kingdom release.

Click here to download the videos!

“Tragic Kingdom”

“Excuse Me Mr.”

“Different People”

“Just a Girl”

“Hey You” (Acoustic)

“Sunday Morning”

“Don’t Speak”


Also check out the full hour and eighteen minute special including fan questions and interviews below!

3 thoughts on “Video Download: MuchMusic Intimate and Interactive (Performances Only)

  1. That’s a 16 year old me with the pink hair in the front row! Best night of my teenage life. Thanks for uploading BSO!

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