Video: “Don’t Speak” Featured In Upcoming Glee Episode

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It seems like FOX’s hit TV show Glee will finally be adding No Doubt into the mix with a classic.

The musical-based show was recorded filming scenes to “Don’t Speak”, which apparently chronicles characters Kurt and Blaine’s relationship. It’s pretty fantastic to be included into the hit show cause it’s great exposure for No Doubt. Thank you to Matt Holck for finding the video and sharing — we’ll try and keep everyone updated with more info when we get it.

5 Replies to “Video: “Don’t Speak” Featured In Upcoming Glee Episode”

  1. I have to agree with Amanda G. I took a chance for that show when it first started, and just couldn’t stand the covers or the actors. I’m glad No Doubt is getting more exposure as they deserve it, but this has to be one road I just can’t go down with them. Still can’t wait for the album though 🙂

  2. I also gave the first season a try. I liked some of the humor and storylines, but the songs were dreadful. I do hope it will help ND. I guess any exposure is good?

  3. @ Amanda

    Well, let’s hope any exposure is good exposure. Hopefully this episode will lead people to want to hear the real song, thus leading more people to fall in love with ND!

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