Video: “Don’t Speak” Clip from Glee

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Fox has shared the full clip of “Don’t Speak” getting covered on Glee last night. What did you think?

10 Replies to “Video: “Don’t Speak” Clip from Glee”

  1. My thoughts are always this on this song…unless your hearts been ripped out by Tony Kanal…dont EVEN try to sing this song. So cliff it is 🙂

  2. Now we are going to get a bunch of teenage girls singing this song, and either claiming they “always been a fan of no doubt” or thinking its a gwen solo song, and such.

  3. I should have not clicked the play button. I don’t which version was worse, this one or the one that the kid from american idol sang a few years back. Either way, it was crap. EEEEEEEEEEWWWWWWWWW

  4. it’s good promo for no doubt, and their songs are always completely artificial, so as fans we shouldn’t really complain. i’m glad media is picking up on no doubt again

  5. I enjoyed it– it reminds you of how awesome No Doubt is, and that Gwen is literally the ONLY person who could ever make this sound amazing. It’s not the vocal talent, it’s truth in the emotion. Glee has amazing vocals, and Lea can sing with such emotion, but, it’s not true emotion, and you need that in this song.

    I wish ND could recreate this phenomena.

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