Video: No Doubt Performing A Early Version Of “Big City Train” From Ska Parade

Thanks to the wonderful Mr. Eric Keyes for clearing up for us! He said that it is an early version of “Big City Train” that had a different title at the time as well as different lyrics. Eric also mentioned that he will let us know what the title was once he remembers!

We just feel so spoiled lately with all of the old school footage that is still being shared with us! This time, thank you to Tazi for uploading! They added a clip to their YouTube page of early No Doubt footage performing on the Ska Parade radio show included in a demo video. We are thinking the footage is from 1989, and on there, they are performing to what we think was an really early version of “Big City Train” (guessing from the “pennies” and “track” lyrics — most of it is really unclear), but we are unsure. Can anybody recognize this song? Or does anyone happen to know what song it is?

We also added photos from the clip to our gallery here!

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