Listen: “Best In You (Bring It All Out)” Live

Some have probably heard this one, but check out a video I put together of the rare and unreleased gem presumed to be titled “Best In You (Bring It All Out)” live. It is said that this was performed back in 1990-1991 and this seems to be only circulated version of the song available. The live track has some pretty cool guitar solos and horn breakdowns. It’s a shame that we’ll probably never hear a clear version (if any was recorded at all) of this pretty different and heavy song from the band. Tony has mentioned that he believes the band played it as an intro from time to time back in the day. If you know anymore information on “Best In You (Bring It All Out)” please share.

Click here to download the .mp3. Enjoy!

5 Replies to “Listen: “Best In You (Bring It All Out)” Live”

  1. the song is ok, but if they were to ever do something with it today, I think it would be really great. 😀

  2. i agree with alot of what the no doubters said on a past post pretainting to having more rock on this next album i like the balance of reggae, easy listening, dance and what not but i need more rock in the mix as well i hope they knokw that.

  3. My god… this is just amazing. Wow. This needs to be on my radio, no doubt about that. Thank you so much for putting it up.

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