Video: Adrian Shares How The Band Chooses Their Live Setlists

Adrian stopped by the Drumsmack TV studios yesterday for an interview and chat session alongside professional drummer Gil Sharone.

During the interview, Adrian talks about the band hitting the road these past few weeks and upcoming months for a small festival tour. The show shared a clip of No Doubt performing during Jazzfest and Adrian says that New Orleans is probably his favorite place to visit in the US. We also are treated to an extended clip of Adrian and Steve jamming out on Bourbon Street.

Our good friend Bodhi also had his question answered asking Adrian which song for him is most technically challenging to pull off live. He says that “New” would be his pick just for the amount of energy it takes to pull off. When Bodhi asks if the skill level of songs determine the setlist for the band, Adrian says that skill is never a factor when the band chooses which songs to play. “It’s all about pacing. We’re always thinking about what the audience is gonna do, react, and how they’re going to feel, how we’re going to get through each song.”

4 Replies to “Video: Adrian Shares How The Band Chooses Their Live Setlists”

  1. omg i was so embarrased couldnt think of a better followup. I was watching the feed twittering and calling on the phone so i could never do all 3 at once. The gollowup qs i hope i didnt offend them. Didnt meanit to be like the easiest songs to play etc.

    1. I wouldn’t feel embarrassed. It came across as they were having technical difficulties and you were definitely put on the spot. It’s awesome that they read your Tweet and you were able to get on-air. Congrats, Bo!

  2. Nice! It’s enjoyable to hear one of the guys talk too. I mean sure, they say some words in band interviews. but Gwen does most of the talking there. So I’m really excited every time something like this comes up!

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